with international participation

August 29-31, 2018, Moscow, Russia

Practical course on molecular karyotyping from the Nanostring Technologies and BioVitrum Ltd.

Master class "Analysis of the level of sperm DNA fragmentation by the method of flow Сytofluorimetry" from the company Thermo Fisher Scientific

Travel grants from the Association of Molecular Geneticists

The Russian Cytogenetic Conference was conducted with the financial support by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Project number 18-04-20068
Information partner of the conference
Journal "Cytogenetic and genomic research"
KARGER Publisher


Dear participants of the conference and practical courses!


The Russian company AEROFLOT has established special tariffs for the whole route network of Russian airlines Aeroflot on international and domestic air lines for participants of the All-Russian cytogenetic conference with international participation.

Special tariffs are valid from August 23 to 28 (Arrival to Moscow), from 1 to 6 September (Departure from Moscow)

Instruction for obtaining promotion codes and buying tickets:

1. Register for the conference in the section "REGISTRATION".

2. Write a letter to the organizers of the conference on email and ask for the promotion code.

3. Get a promotion code for special tariff.

4. For booking and paying for tickets go to the link This section will open on the website of Aeroflot

5. Enter the promotion code received from the organizers.

6. If Moscow is the city of departure / arrival, then you need to enter the MOW encoding in the field.

7. To buy tickets.





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