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August 29-31, 2018, Moscow, Russia

Practical course on molecular karyotyping from the Nanostring Technologies and BioVitrum Ltd.

Master class "Analysis of the level of sperm DNA fragmentation by the method of flow Сytofluorimetry" from the company Thermo Fisher Scientific

Travel grants from the Association of Molecular Geneticists

The Russian Cytogenetic Conference was conducted with the financial support by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Project number 18-04-20068
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Journal "Cytogenetic and genomic research"
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Cytogenetics is the field of genetics, which studies the cytological mechanisms of heredity, the functional organization of chromosomes. The use of molecular cytogenetic methods (fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), next –generation sequencing (NGS), microarray based comparative genomic hybridization (array CGH) allowed to increase the resolving power of cytogenetic analysis. The most important properties of heredity are conservatism (stability) and variability (instability), which can be adaptive in nature, and lead to pathology. Genomic instability is found in clinical syndromes, in tumor cells, as well as in the genome of patients with mental illnesses, congenital malformations and individuals exposed to chemical mutagens and radiation.

The following fundamental questions will be discussed at the conference:

  • organization of chromosomes in the interphase nucleus
  • copy number variations of the genomic sequence during evolution and their role in the development of diseases
  • emergence of chromosomal mutations in embryogenesis
  • chromosomes of plants and animals in applied and basic research
  • emergence of genomic instability as a result of chemical mutagens and radiation

The discussion of the fundamental causes of genomic instability will allow initiating Russian and International joint research. The section for young scientists is planned to be held at the conference, where they will make presentations. One section will be devoted to modern methods of cytogenetics. A quiz, a master class about interpretation of genotype-phenotype data, a competition "Find a chromosomal abnormality", an exhibition of cytogenetic photography will be organized.

The event will be take place at Federal State Budget Institution “National Medical Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology named after Academician V.I. Kulakov” of Ministry of Healthcare of Russian Federation (sections about medical cytogenetics) and Lomonosov Moscow State University ( sections about fundamental cytogenetics and cytogenetics of plants and animals). Participants of the conference will be given certificates of participant, abstract book. It is planned to make photo and video of the event.



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